How to spell immediate in portuguese

In portuguese, the word immediate can be spelled:

  • adj.
    1. Occurring at once; instant: gave me an immediate response.
      1. Of or near the present time: in the immediate future.
      2. Of or relating to the present time and place; current: “It is probable that, apart from the most immediate, pragmatic, technical revisions, the writer's effort to detach himself from his work is quixotic” (Joyce Carol Oates).
    2. Close at hand; near: in the immediate vicinity. See synonyms at close.
    3. Next in line or relation: is an immediate successor to the president of the company.
    4. Directly apprehended or perceived: had immediate awareness of the scope of the crisis.
    5. Acting or occurring without the interposition of another agency or object; direct.

    [Middle English immediat, from Old French, from Late Latin immediātus : Latin in-, not; see in–1 + Latin mediātus, past participle of mediāre, to be in the middle; see mediate.]

    immediateness im·me'di·ate·ness n.

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