How to spell allege in italian

In italian, the word allege can be spelled:

  • tr.v., -leged, -leg·ing, -leg·es.
    1. To assert to be true; affirm: alleging his innocence of the charge.
    2. To assert without or before proof: The indictment alleges that the commissioner took bribes.
    3. To state (a plea or excuse, for example) in support or denial of a claim or accusation: The defendant alleges temporary insanity.
    4. Archaic. To bring forward as an authority.

    [Middle English alleggen, from Old French alegier, to vindicate, justify (influenced by aleguer, to give a reason), from esligier, to pay a fine, justify oneself, from Late Latin *exlītigāre, to clear at law : Latin ex-, out; see ex– + Latin lītigāre, to sue; see litigate.]

    allegeable al·lege'a·ble adj.
    alleger al·leg'er n.

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