The Correct spelling is: immediate

Common misspellings of the word immediate are:

How do you spell immediate?. It is not imediate or imemdiate or immdeiate or immdiate or immedaite or immedate or immediae or immediaet or immediat or immeditae or immedite or immeiate or immeidate or mimediate or even mmediate for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Occurring at once; instant: gave me an immediate response.
      1. Of or near the present time: in the immediate future.
      2. Of or relating to the present time and place; current: “It is probable that, apart from the most immediate, pragmatic, technical revisions, the writer's effort to detach himself from his work is quixotic” (Joyce Carol Oates).
    2. Close at hand; near: in the immediate vicinity. See synonyms at close.
    3. Next in line or relation: is an immediate successor to the president of the company.
    4. Directly apprehended or perceived: had immediate awareness of the scope of the crisis.
    5. Acting or occurring without the interposition of another agency or object; direct.

    [Middle English immediat, from Old French, from Late Latin immediātus : Latin in-, not; see in–1 + Latin mediātus, past participle of mediāre, to be in the middle; see mediate.]

    immediateness im·me'di·ate·ness n.

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