How to spell extreme in german

In german, the word extreme can be spelled:

  • adj.
    1. Most remote in any direction; outermost or farthest: the extreme edge of the field.
    2. Being in or attaining the greatest or highest degree; very intense: extreme pleasure; extreme pain.
    3. Extending far beyond the norm: an extreme conservative. See synonyms at excessive.
    4. Of the greatest severity; drastic: took extreme measures to conserve fuel.
    5. Biology.
      1. Characterized by severe, usually oxygen-poor environmental conditions.
      2. Having an affinity for such conditions: an extreme microorganism.
    6. Sports.
      1. Very dangerous or difficult: extreme rafting.
      2. Participating or tending to participate in a very dangerous or difficult sport: an extreme skier.
    7. Archaic. Final; last.
    1. The greatest or utmost degree or point.
    2. Either of the two things situated at opposite ends of a range: the extremes of boiling and freezing.
    3. An extreme condition.
    4. An immoderate, drastic expedient: resorted to extremes in the emergency.
    5. Mathematics.
      1. The first or last term of a ratio or a series.
      2. A maximum or minimum value of a function.
    6. Logic. The major or minor term of a syllogism.

    [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin extrēmus.]

    extremely ex·treme'ly adv.
    extremeness ex·treme'ness n.

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