How to spell privilege in french

In french, the word privilege can be spelled:

  • n.
      1. A special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste. See synonyms at right.
      2. Such an advantage, immunity, or right held as a prerogative of status or rank, and exercised to the exclusion or detriment of others.
    1. The principle of granting and maintaining a special right or immunity: a society based on privilege.
    2. Law. The right to privileged communication in a confidential relationship, as between client and attorney, patient and physician, or communicant and priest.
    3. An option to buy or sell a stock, including put, call, spread, and straddle.
    tr.v., -leged, -leg·ing, -leg·es.
    1. To grant a privilege to.
    2. To free or exempt.

    [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin prīvilēgium, a law affecting one person : prīvus, single, alone + lēx, lēg-, law.]

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