The Correct spelling is: desperate

Common misspellings of the word desperate are:

How do you spell desperate?. It is not deperate or depserate or deseprate or deserate or despearte or despeate or desperae or desperaet or desperat or despertae or desperte or desprate or despreate or dseperate or dsperate or edsperate or even esperate for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Having lost all hope; despairing.
    2. Marked by, arising from, or showing despair: the desperate look of hunger; a desperate cry for help.
    3. Reckless or violent because of despair: a desperate criminal.
    4. Undertaken out of extreme urgency or as a last resort: a desperate attempt to save the family business.
    5. Nearly hopeless; critical: a desperate illness; a desperate situation.
    6. Suffering or driven by great need or distress: desperate for recognition.
    7. Extremely intense: felt a desperate urge to tell the truth.

    [Middle English desperat, from Latin dēspērātus, past participle of dēspērāre, to despair. See despair.]

    desperately des'per·ate·ly adv.
    desperateness des'per·ate·ness n.

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