The Correct spelling is: apparent

Common misspellings of the word apparent are:

How do you spell apparent?. It is not apaprent or aparent or appaent or appaernt or apparant or apparen or apparentt or apparet or apparetn or apparnet or apparnt or appparent or appraent or apprent or paparent or even pparent for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Readily seen; visible.
    2. Readily understood; clear or obvious.
    3. Appearing as such but not necessarily so; seeming: an apparent advantage.

    [Middle English, from Old French aparant, present participle of aparoir, to appear. See appear.]

    apparently ap·par'ent·ly adv.
    apparentness ap·par'ent·ness n.

    SYNONYMS  apparent, clear, clear-cut, distinct, evident, manifest, obvious, patent, plain. These adjectives mean readily seen, perceived, or understood: angry for no apparent reason; a clear danger; clear-cut evidence of tampering; distinct fingerprints; evident hostility; manifest pleasure; obvious errors; patent advantages; making my meaning plain.

    USAGE NOTE   Used before a noun, apparent means “seeming”: For all his apparent wealth, Pat had no money to pay the rent. Used after a form of the verb be, however, apparent can mean either “seeming” (as in His virtues are only apparent) or “obvious” (as in The effects of the drought are apparent to anyone who sees the parched fields). One should take care that the intended meaning is clear from the context.

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